The Beowulf DVD

Beowulf DVD

Benjamin Bagby’s legendary performance of the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf (part I) recorded live in Helsingborg, Sweden (January, 2006)

“...a vivid demonstration of what has been lost in the process of becoming modern... Bagby, using a brilliant array of dramatic and rhetorical techniques, made it a dazzling experience. His performances should be recorded and made required listening...” The Washington Post

In this remarkable one-man tour de force, Bagby, accompanying himself on an Anglo-Saxon harp, delivers this gripping tale — in the original Old English — as it could have been experienced more than 1000 years ago. This is a performance which will speak to many: lovers of Beowulf and oral epic, early music enthusiasts, Tolkien fans, medievalists, and anyone searching for virtuoso storytelling, great theater, or a glimpse into the fascinating beginnings of the English language.

This DVD contains the live performance, an interview with Benjamin Bagby and discussions with Beowulf scholars John Miles Foley, Thomas Cable and Mark Amodio.

In the original Old English (with option for Modern English subtitles).

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